Search functionality

Search is great. Implementing a vim-style search (/searchterm) would make Titan more usable. Other thoughts:

  • "n" (next) functionality, as well as previous, would be nice
  • Our highlighting functionality is currently nonexistant. This should be investigated, but in lieu of it working, I am thinking that we set the console buffer so the matching line is near the top of the screen (but perhaps not at the top, as it may be in the middle of a paragraph where the context is useful), and perhaps use a > indicator after the line number to highlight where the match is, in addition to the status bar.
  • Preferably indicate in the status bar how many matches there are, when you wrap using next/previous
  • Probably take into account the user's current position within the document? E.g. if I am on line 40, and there are matches on lines 12, 45, and 90, it would take me to line 45 first?
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