Non-Latin Character Support on Windows

This may wind up being a case of platform console differences, but I noticed that gemini://gemini.circumlunar.space:1965/users/shufei/phlog/index.gmi has Chinese characters which don't render correctly, including in cmder. I've also verified that they do display correctly in the Java debugger, so the problem isn't as simple as using an incorrect encoding.

I vaguely recall that the built-in Windows console is tied to the code page associated with the current Windows install, at least by default. It might also be using UTF-16 instead of UTF-8. IIRC the problem I had before was passing in filenames in Chinese as arguments to a Java program; it didn't receive the arguments correctly, but there may have been a workaround. Either way, it would be good to refresh my memory on this, and implement a fix if feasible.

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