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#Feature description

In summary and to recall, a key binding (likely f) would activate this Link Select mode, and visually tag all the clickable links within the viewport with a letter or letters. The tags would appear affixed to the link titles.

=> [a] A generic Gemini link
=> [s] Another generic Gemini link
=> [d] Yet another generic Gemini link
=> [f] And so on

The user would choose a letter and send/press it, selecting the corresponding link, and leave select mode.

Tags are to be assigned dymanically per viewport.

The set of tagging letters should first come from the keyboard's homerow, then the top and bottom, for ergonomics.

When there are more than 26 links in the viewport, use two letter tags aswell.


This improves apon the UX of scrolling and tabbing. A common problem is: scrolling far down, encountering a link, only to have to tab repeatedly from the top.


See #39 *Better keybinding system"

  • An advanced keybinding system. A history of keypress events to determine whether a valid selection has been made. Bare in mind, the number of keypress events required is variadic, not always two.
  • A new link-select-mode state in the browser/tab/page/idk.


This likely requires much refactoring. I could not figure out how to do this myself. Hence the ticket!

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