#8 Support for sessions files 3 years ago

Ticket created by ~aisha on ~kennylevinsen/gtkgreet

Traditional display managers allow for running session files form /usr/share/xsessions and /usr/share/wayland-sessions.

This can be presented as a dropdown instead of asking the user to enter the command (can always add a checkbox like feature to enable running a command instead).

Remembering what session was chosen and keeping it selected for future is another thing that can be done.

#7 Support for GTK stylesheets 3 years ago

Ticket created by ~aisha on ~kennylevinsen/gtkgreet

Add options to customize the display manager app with a CSS stylesheet.

This can enable cool theming like for SDDM or for LightDM.

Possibly, if done correctly, it might be possible to copy paste themes for LightDM gtk-greeter to greetd gtkgreet.