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#525 abort message and avoid send / reply prompt with non zero exit status of editor 27 days ago

Ticket created by ~akspecs on ~sircmpwn/aerc2

aerc aborting a send or reply when the embedded $EDITOR exits with a non zero status would mimic git's behavior when interactively writing a commit with `git commit'.

to reiterate the git example, when the $EDITOR exits with an error, git will cancel the commit.

for example, when using vim one would could exit the editor with `:cq' to force a non-zero exit status. considering that many users of aerc use vim as their $EDITOR, it does not make sense to (prompt to) send a message if the embedded $EDITOR exits with an error.

#1 wait for players to be ready before starting a month ago

Ticket created by ~akspecs on ~nyamako/rumpy

currently, the game allows for any player to hit START to initiate the game regardless of whether all players are ready/connected to play. it would be nice to have a checkbox that indicates that a player is ready, similar to other multiplayer pre-game lobbies. this, combined with a countdown before the game start would be a nice addition to the pre-game experience.

#1 automate the process 6 months ago

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#1 automate the process 6 months ago

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#1 automate the process 6 months ago

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#1 automate the process 6 months ago

Ticket created by ~akspecs on ~akspecs/bancroft-1906

streamlining the process of gathering links, scraping them, and then creating a table containing metadata from the scraped urls would be a good thing.