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#1 refactor json2sqlite.py 2 months ago

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the code should be broken up into as many functions as needed, and guarded.

an obvious benefit of this well be improved maintainability.

this will also give us the opportunity to run specific database update procedures rather than update all of the database at once (this will also help when we implement cli arguments).

example from the refactoring thread on the numbeo-scraping-dev mailing list:

# ...
def main():

if __name__ == '__main__':

#525 abort message and avoid send / reply prompt with non zero exit status of editor 4 months ago

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aerc aborting a send or reply when the embedded $EDITOR exits with a non zero status would mimic git's behavior when interactively writing a commit with `git commit'.

to reiterate the git example, when the $EDITOR exits with an error, git will cancel the commit.

for example, when using vim one would could exit the editor with `:cq' to force a non-zero exit status. considering that many users of aerc use vim as their $EDITOR, it does not make sense to (prompt to) send a message if the embedded $EDITOR exits with an error.

#1 wait for players to be ready before starting 5 months ago

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currently, the game allows for any player to hit START to initiate the game regardless of whether all players are ready/connected to play. it would be nice to have a checkbox that indicates that a player is ready, similar to other multiplayer pre-game lobbies. this, combined with a countdown before the game start would be a nice addition to the pre-game experience.

#1 automate the process 10 months ago

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#1 automate the process 10 months ago

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#1 automate the process 10 months ago

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#1 automate the process 10 months ago

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streamlining the process of gathering links, scraping them, and then creating a table containing metadata from the scraped urls would be a good thing.