Merging MIDI regions includes hidden notes

Steps to reproduce:

  • Create two MIDI regions with MIDI notes out of the actual region
  • Select both regions and merge selections
  • Resulting merged region contains all notes that weren't audible in the initially separated regions

This bug is especially problematic when the MIDI notes are identical (e.g. HiHat); merging will invisibly double them.

Screencast: https://mark.nl.tab.digital/s/tAj8Q7d53riWsZ4

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8 months ago
6 months ago

~alextee 8 months ago

seems normal to me

~mylofy 8 months ago

oh, didn't know this was intended. imo this leads to unexpected results when resizing, multiplying and then merging, since the merge will sound much different. on a drum track it took me some time to realize why there were so many double notes, so it sounded weird.

~alextee 8 months ago

it would seem more weird for your extra notes to disappear, they're still part of the region. should they really be deleted just because their position is after the region end? we need some more feedback on this but for me current behavior seems correct

~mylofy 8 months ago

Very true, merging seems to be destructive either way. Either the resizing data gets lost or the hidden notes. Just a thought: Perhaps the original regions could be inactivated and kept on another lane?

~alextee 8 months ago

I don't think it's nice to create extra stuff when merging regions. I made a poll https://mastodon.social/@zrythm/106879452258910907

~alextee 6 months ago

seems like 30% of users think the notes should be silenced, 30% removed and 30% current behavior is correct. looks like this needs a setting

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