Timeline inconsistency: Waveform and playhead show different bar numbers and positions

When the beginning of a audio region is left untouched all is consistent. When I start resizing the region from the beginning playhead/bar numbers are also moving, which results in inconsistent representation between timeline and audio editor.

Screencast: https://mark.nl.tab.digital/s/5tDHoxCFSjQQfE3

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~alextee REPORTED CLOSED 2 months ago

this is working as intended, but maybe it's not clear enough what's happening to the user

will try switching the roles of the playhead red line and the little arrow

~mylofy 2 months ago

Yes, I was thinking about proposing just that. However, the waveform will still be placed inconsistently. So, if I move the beginning a little bit to the front to cut noise, the waveform will be detached from the grid (unlike in the timeline representation), which will make it basically impossible to use the audio editor for fixing timing issues, nudging pieces onto the grid etc. Also, the user won't be able to easily identify which part of the file he actually is editing.

btw in the MIDI editor it works differently, the MIDI notes stay in place and are consistent with the timeline, even when you're resizing from the beginning.

~alextee 2 months ago

that's because it's invalid for the audio region to be larger than the audio content, so when you resize from the left it simply changes the clip start point in audio regions. in MIDI regions, it resizes the region normally. if you drag the clip start point in MIDI regions you can see that it happens there too. maybe i should add another layer below the editor that shows how the region will be played and leave the one on top for editing

~mylofy 2 months ago

It probably won't add much to have a third layer if the shown information is conflicting. A recorded audio file will nearly always be larger than the audio content and therefore it will need resizing to cut away eg counting in, pre-run etc.

Here's an example how I would record an audio performance, cut away the run-in and try to align the recording with the project. See how the audio in the editor is detached from the grid and the shown editor bars are conflicting with the timeline:


If there's more editing functionality (like quantizing/cutting/pasting etc) planned for the audio editor I believe it can't be avoided that the bars are aligned with the timeline.

~alextee 2 months ago

because zrythm allows looping and custom start points, it's impossible to have it aligned with the timeline AND be editable

no other DAW does this, and the DAWs that have audio editors usually start at bar 1 and they also have an offset if you move the start point like in ableton. do you have any example from another daw that allows having a custom start point in the clip and also having the clip being shown aligned with the grid?

in your workflow, instead of setting the clip start point, you want to cut the region so that the region actually starts from where you want it, then it will be aligned

~alextee 2 months ago


first half of this video, it simply moves the clip playback start point, so that won't be aligned with the timeline. second half, the region is cut and each new region is aligned with the timeline

~mylofy 2 months ago

Never used Live, so perhaps that's why this is so confusing to me. Yes, cutting yields exactly the result I was expecting, didn't occur to me, thanks!

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