Option to automatically center the selected region in editor view

Optional behaviour: When selecting a region in the timeline the editor view jumps to the same section and centers the MIDI notes horizontally and vertically. That way you can quickly edit MIDI without much scrolling/searching.

Same could work for audio.

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5 months ago
4 months ago
high-priority v1

~alextee 5 months ago

Double clicking on the region should do this, but it only moves the start position. Im not sure about centering the content by default

~mylofy 5 months ago

Oh yeah, I missed the double click, great! It's good that it's optional.

Since vertical space is quite limited on my 1920x1080 screen I need to do lots of scrolling to find the notes, but with detached editor it works fine. Probably only useful for lower resolutions; feel free to dismiss.

~alextee 4 months ago

changed this to an option to center the content. I might just make it do it by default on double click, not sure if there's any case where you don't want it to do that

~alextee 4 months ago

maybe ~mtf8 has an opinion on this, he had a similar feature request: should double click on a region only move to the start of the region in the editor or should it also center the contents of the region to fit in the editor panel?

~alextee 4 months ago

I think it makes the most sense to do this on double click: move the start position and scroll so that the highest note is visible at the top of the piano roll.

if double clicked and the start position is already near where it should be and the highest note is already near the top, then also change the zoom levels so that the contents are centered

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