Option to use mono plugins on stereo signal

e.g. right clicking on a plugin "make stereo" would divide the stereo signal to two instances of the plugin (both with same settings)

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11 months ago
11 months ago
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~alextee 11 months ago*

it already forces them to be stereo doesn't it? if you add a mono plugin it should produce the same signal on both its outputs. did you find any instance of this not being the case?

~mylofy 11 months ago

that's always the case yes! I was thinking about an extra option that left and right channel would be processed by a two separate instances of that mono plugin, so that the output signal remains in stereo and wouldn't be summed somewhere.

Example: https://mark.nl.tab.digital/s/F4ZTCkrGyqEt6Xo

~alextee 11 months ago

what is the point of doing that? wont you get the same result as you get now?

~mylofy 11 months ago

the point is to preserve the mid-side information, which is lost in the summing. perhaps the screencasts explain it better what I mean:

zrythm: https://mark.nl.tab.digital/s/XTeXs3NEM76JJgr

ardour: https://mark.nl.tab.digital/s/yfmGCA4YforsWER

~alextee 11 months ago

oh i see, zrythm only passes the left channel to a mono plugin I think. it should create 2 instances by default you are right

~alextee 11 months ago

this requires breaking the project format... need to write an upgrader too

~alextee REPORTED IMPLEMENTED 11 months ago

pushed to master, pls test

~mylofy 11 months ago

Tested on Zrythm 1.0.0-beta.1.1.11-26-g65d6349ac

Signal on the right seems to be missing:


~alextee IMPLEMENTED REPORTED 11 months ago

interesting... seems like I missed the case when it's not an instrument track. I'll write a test to catch this

~alextee REPORTED FIXED 11 months ago


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