Make zrythm aware if a project is already open

Idea for cooperative projects on a shared folder/cloud:

When opening a project zrythm could test if that project is already open, e.g. by adding a text file when opening and removing that file when closing the project. In case the project is already open display a warning message.

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2 months ago
2 months ago
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~alextee 2 months ago

can you please describe the use case a bit more, and what problem this would solve?

~mylofy 2 months ago

ok, this won't work like I had imagined, so imo it doesn't really make sense to me anymore to implement.

The use case I had in mind was cooperative work with several people on a single project. The zrythm project would be on a cloud server and locally synced with all participants. As soon as one person starts working on the project zrythm would block access for all others.

However, cloud services would just start to add conflicting files, so that's not really gonna work reliably.

~alextee REPORTED DUPLICATE 2 months ago

there are probably better ways to implement collaborative projects. there is another ticket #298

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