Add RSS feed (or similar web feed) [feature request]

It is difficult for me to follow blogs which do not have an RSS/Atom feeds.

On the old issue page I read: «I don't think that the structure of flounder makes this work very well. I could add some sort of extension if people want to write blogs with RSS feeds, but a technical user can do this themselves by uploading the XML, and a non-technical one does not care about RSS probabky».

I think it is useful to have something turned on by default (see wordpress, etc.) as even non-technical users can benefit from it (increase audience/exposure).

I have no idea if this is easily doable in flounder though.

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2 months ago
4 days ago
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~alexwennerberg 2 months ago

So the issue is, since pages are freely editable, there is no agreed-upon way in which to create an RSS feed for a blog. I would have to create my own format based around parsing h2 headers or something, and document it. I don't necessarily object to doing this, but it seems like a sort of clunky / awkward solution. I'll think about it for a bit to see if I can come up with a cleaner solution, and I welcome feedback. Thanks for the input

~alexwennerberg REPORTED WONT_FIX 4 days ago

With the advent of gemfeeds, a simpler format that users can write themselves, I don't think I need to support RSS in Flounder directly.

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