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#25 Unable to paste text on iOS a month ago

Comment by ~alterae on ~sircmpwn/paste.sr.ht

experiencing this same problem. the linked github issue was closed for staleness some time ago, and there seems to have been no progress made on it this is one of the few genuine usability problems i have had on sourcehut, and i would love to see it fixed; would make pastes.sr.ht even more useful

#32 agreety: '\t' sequence in /etc/issue not respected 2 years ago

Ticket created by ~alterae on ~kennylevinsen/greetd

my system is currently configured with the following /etc/issue file:

\n - Arch Linux \m \r
\t (\l)

expected behavior: agreety should display the second line the same way as agetty (the current time, followed by the name of the current tty in parenthesis)

actual behavior: agreety displays the second line as a literal \t, followed by the name of the current tty in parenthesis

system information:

  • greetd (and i guess also agreety) 0.8.1
  • agetty from util-linux 2.37.3
  • arch linux

as of the time of writing all packages are up to date

#1 public library API 2 years ago

Comment by ~alterae on ~alterae/phone

might make sense for the backend to be an entirely separate crate, idk. maybe even don't put the frontend on crates.io


#1 public library API 2 years ago

~alterae assigned ~alterae to #1 on ~alterae/phone

#1 public library API 2 years ago

Ticket created by ~alterae on ~alterae/phone

abstract all the backend stuff into an api that hides the fact that it's actually spawning processes, put that api in a library crate so other programs can use it.

probably want a 1-1 correspondence between public library functions and termux-api commands. also probably want to rename the crate at some point.

have the subcommand match call into those library functions, passing the relevant data, to keep the cli nicely decoupled from the backend.