Add information that janky is oriented towards mobian

It should be stated that Janky is oriented towards mobian and the phosh interface (at least from what I see) and that it doesn't support Plasma Mobile (I haven't tested it... I'm assuming it doesn't?)

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3 years ago
2 years ago
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~amindfv 3 years ago

Mobian+Phosh is what I'm currently testing it on, but the goal is to not limit where jmms can run. If you run into specific issues, I'll work to try and support e.g. Plasma Mobile.

If you want to provide, for example, install instructions (the Mobin instructions use apt) I'm happy to include them in the README.

~izaic 3 years ago

How does jmms work? Does it tie into modem manger or does it directly interface with the modem? If the latter it will probably work with plasma mobile

~amindfv 2 years ago

jmms uses mmcli so at least for now it's tied to ModemManager. It shouldn't be too difficult to adapt to another tool, though.

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