Clean up unnavigable pages

I've been going through the Fediring and I found some pages that either were down or didn't have a Fediring links accessible on homepage (please correct me if I flagged them wrong). They should be likely removed from the Fediring site list:

  • pixelroiber.de/blog
  • simone.org
  • emm218.neocities.org
  • bloodwrites.neocities.org
  • njms.ca
  • mossfet.xyz - wouldn't load
  • wasabipesto.com
  • jacksonchen666.com
  • okasayaku.neocities.org
  • thecozy.cat
  • punkwasp.leprd.space
  • foxhaven.cyou - throws a "misdirected request" Codeberg error
  • attkzach.gay
  • recondo.com.br
  • chloe.vern.cc
  • tuxcrafting.online
  • nfld.uk - wouldn't load

Additionally, this one throws a "Ring member 'drekles.neocities.org/' not found." when I try to navigate to the next Fediring site:

  • drekles.neocities.org
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2 months ago
20 days ago
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~jbauer 2 months ago

Thanks for taking care of this! Once I have some time I'll go through this list manually to confirm and remove those who are missing links.

~jbauer REPORTED IMPLEMENTED 20 days ago

Jake Bauer referenced this ticket in commit 887aa24.

~jbauer 20 days ago*

I've gone through and removed the ones on the list that were down or missing links. Thanks again!

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