Timed sub-process to check links on member sites

A goroutine can spin off at the beginning that checks sites every few hours. That check could consist of a few other goroutines that download a reasonable number of homepages (three?) concurrently and search through the content for the necessary strings.

  • Add webringDomain config option for the webring's domain to keep from hardcoding anything
  • Logging should be a separate function so checkSite() can be executed on multiple sites concurrently without fear of multiple processes writing to the file at the same time (not sure what would happen but I assume it wouldn't be good).
func (m model) checkSite(rawHost string) {
    res, err := http.Get(rawHost)
    if err != nil {
        // Append to error.log saying there was an error getting rawHost
        // Append err to line above
    body, err := io.ReadAll(res.Body)
    if res.StatusCode > 299 {
        // Append to error.log saying rawHost responded with res.StatusCode
    if err != nil {

    escapedHost := url.QueryEscape(rawHost)
    nextString := "https://" + m.webringDomain + "/next?host=" + escapedHost
    previousString := "https://" + m.webringDomain + "/previous?host=" + escapedHost

    if strings.Contains(body, nextString) && strings.Contains(body, previousString) && strings.Contains(body, m.webringDomain) {
        // Append to success.log saying rawHost was checked and is good
    } else {
        // Append to error.log saying rawHost was checked and is not good
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