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#388 Create a daemon that would allow you to copy paste between your pc and pinephone 18 hours ago

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#385 Terminal crash on high unicode emoji character a day ago

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#294 switch to doas instead of sudo 2 days ago

Comment by ~anjan on ~mil/sxmo-tickets

~proycon, users will still be able to install sudo. It's just that we shouldnt use sudo in the base install since it's full of vulnerabilities and I want sxmo-* to be secure.

#382 move docs to man.sr.ht 5 days ago

Ticket created by ~anjan on ~mil/sxmo-tickets

Posting from irc since Im tired:

04:38:53 we have 2 repos

04:39:15 1, the master branch has the latest docs for the latest stable release

04:39:28 2, the master branch has the latest docs for the latest git HEAD

04:39:46 sxmo-docs is 1

04:39:51 and we make a new repo for 2

04:40:21 also, I think we should switch from serving the git to actually using man.sr.ht. I think that way, we can also fix the links on sxmo.org

04:40:38 since theyre both relative links

04:43:54 also man.sr.ht would automatically generate the table of contents for us

04:46:47 https://man.sr.ht/~anjan/sxmo-docs/

04:46:54 https://git.sr.ht/~anjan/sxmo-docs/commit/50c0dd45da13e68f56330f70b0772a46cec3dfb6

04:47:06 so ya, relative links work. We should definitely switch to man.sr.ht and have 2 repos

04:47:35 Going to sleep, I will read the messages in a couple days if I have time. staceee

#53 Give the user a dropdown for the branches/tags in a man.sr.ht git repo 5 days ago

Ticket created by ~anjan on ~sircmpwn/man.sr.ht

In my project, we have different versions of the documentation for the git head and the latest stable release. Users currently must clone our repo and checkout the develop branch to read anything that isnt in master.

#381 Add link to chat.sr.ht in readmes when chat.sr.ht has launched 6 days ago

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#271 Switch to pipewire? 6 days ago

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#380 Add support for ttyescape 8 days ago

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What is ttyescape:

"One of the largest limitations with a mobile device is the lack of keyboard, for mainstream OSs like Android and iOS, this is a non-issue as the whole OS stack is built to automatically recover in case of a crash / hang, hiding the internal state of affairs from users and making use of careful design to minimise the impact. When bringing Linux to mobile, we carry not only the benefits of the Linux desktop but also it's limitations. In the event that your desktop manager goes haywire or hangs completely, or your graphics drivers get unhappy, the ability to quickly jump to a tty and start killing bad behaving programs or reset your display manager is one that most of us take for granted. But when hit by similar errors on a mobile device there is no such recourse available, users either have to reboot and hope that the issue doesn't occur again, or pull out a laptop and pull up a shell (assuming ssh is enabled and the rndis interface comes up)."


I tried installing on my pinephone running pmOS stable: it crashed sway and didnt even have ttyescape running properly. Maybe we can debug? ttyescape would allow users to test more beta software and improve the overall linux ecosystem.

#3 Write a manpage 10 days ago

Comment by ~anjan on ~mil/mepo-tickets

Include examples like: mepo_script_nomatim_searchprompt.sh | mepo -i to search for and go to a location.