"Start new chat" UI is misleading; touching "add number" button crashes

So my phone seems to be toggling between this issue and this one: https://todo.sr.ht/~anteater/mms-stack-bugs/26

When it does not have the above issue, I can start vgmms(!)

I'm then greeted with a "Start new chat" button. I click it, there's a prompt for me to enter a phone number. I do.

(I've tried "+1(number)", "1(number)", and plain "(number)")

When I hit "open" it just pops me back to the blank page with the "Start new chat" button.

When, instead, I hit the "+" button next to the phone number, it crashes with an error like:

thread 'main' panicked at 'called `Result::unwrap()` on an `Err` value: ()', /home/mobian/.cargo/registry/src/github.com-1ecc6299db9ec823/gdk-0.13.2/src/event.rs:419:21
note: run with `RUST_BACKTRACE=1` environment variable to display a backtrace

The backtrace:

thread 'main' panicked at 'called `Result::unwrap()` on an `Err` value: ()', /home/mobian/.cargo/registry/src/github.com-1ecc6299db9ec823/gdk-0.13.2/src/event.rs:419:21
stack backtrace:
   0: <std::sys_common::backtrace::_print::DisplayBacktrace as core::fmt::Display>::fmt
   1: core::fmt::write
   2: std::io::Write::write_fmt
   3: std::panicking::default_hook::{{closure}}
   4: std::panicking::default_hook
   5: std::panicking::rust_panic_with_hook
   6: rust_begin_unwind
   7: core::panicking::panic_fmt
   8: core::result::unwrap_failed
   9: <O as gtk::auto::entry::EntryExt>::connect_icon_press::icon_press_trampoline
  10: g_closure_invoke
  11: <unknown>
  12: g_signal_emit_valist
  13: g_signal_emit
  14: <unknown>
  15: <unknown>
  16: <unknown>
  17: <unknown>
  18: g_signal_emit_valist
  19: g_signal_emit
  20: <unknown>
  21: <unknown>
  22: gtk_main_do_event
  23: <unknown>
  24: <unknown>
  25: g_main_context_dispatch
  26: <unknown>
  27: g_main_context_iteration
  28: g_application_run
  29: <O as gio::application::ApplicationExtManual>::run
  30: vgmms::main
  31: std::rt::lang_start::{{closure}}
  32: std::rt::lang_start_internal
  33: main
  34: __libc_start_main
             at ../csu/libc-start.c:308
  35: <unknown>
note: Some details are omitted, run with `RUST_BACKTRACE=full` for a verbose backtrace.

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3 years ago
3 years ago
ui vgmms

~anteater 3 years ago*

There are two issues here: The confusing UI, and the crash.

The + button next to the phone number is for adding the phone number to the list, and the "open chat" button uses the list of numbers already created. Probably "open chat" should be insensitive unless the list is non-empty.

I'm not sure what's happening in the crash--it looks to be in gdk-rs, not vgmms code. I'll see if I can track down the actual problem.

~anteater 3 years ago

I've filed an issue in gtk-rs. For now, try pressing enter instead of the plus icon.

~anteater closed duplicate ticket #28 3 years ago

~amindfv 3 years ago

The enter workaround works. You're right that part of the issue was confusion about the UI also.

~anteater 3 years ago

The crash has been fixed in 03a5cf20. UI improvements will come later.

~anteater REPORTED FIXED 3 years ago

UI fixes in 34904cc1.

~anteater closed duplicate ticket #39 3 years ago

~johanvandegriff 3 years ago

updating to the latest commit fixed it for me, thanks. Note for anyone else building it: to get it to build I had to do cargo update -p rustdoc-stripper --precise 0.1.14 as described in #23, which is a temporary workaround that will be fixed later. I am able to attach files, but sending them fails since MMS still doesnt work for me (#23). However this issue is solved :)

~johanvandegriff referenced this from #23 3 years ago

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