Can't send group messages: "BadSenderOrSentTime"

1:1 messages work, but each time I try to send a group message it appears in the logs as:

inserting send (lots o private info)
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3 years ago
3 years ago

~amindfv 3 years ago

I should say that possibly unlike #23, mmsd is not running as root. I ran it with

/usr/libexec/mmsd -n -d

and I have the logs, so if there's any non-private info that would be helpful I can add it here.

~anteater 3 years ago*

My guess is that no Sender is being specified in the MMS, presumably for the same underlying reason as the issues you've been seeing with SubscriberNumber not being present in ofono output. It's really hard for vgmms to do its job if it doesn't know the user's number.

I've pushed some code that should disambiguate the error, but if my hunch is correct you'll just see "MMS notification parse error: MissingSender" as the new error in this situation.

~amindfv 3 years ago

Just built with new code, and yes, that's the error I see.

~anteater REPORTED DUPLICATE 3 years ago

This implies the real problem here is #26. Closing as duplicate.

~amindfv referenced this from #26 3 years ago

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