I've read through all your documentation here and been following the progress in the bug tracker. Is there somewhere that you have more complete installation instructions so more of us can help with testing? Specifically I don't follow what you're doing with the sms stacks that are already included in the pinephone images. Doesn't installing ofono and mmsd when modemmanager is present cause a problem? If you'd rather not field these questions here, i apologize. I didn't see anywhere else I could ask them.

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~eenermckeener 3 years ago

I'd second this. After playing with this I had all my current SMS messages gone, not a problem as I expect this sort of thing, but it seems like something is happening with the stack considering Alarm doesn't use ofono like UT.

Certainly packaging would help and I see a ticket on that front, but I'm stuck at the point where I've compiled ofono and mmsd, and then done the vgmms cargo. Ofono service will start, I'm not exactly sure what to do with mmsd since it isn't a service, so I start it manually with /usr/libexec/mmsd& and then try to run ./vgmms which ends in an error trying to connect to ofono: D-Bus error: Method "GetProperties" with signature "" on interface "org.ofono.SimManager" doesn't exist

Using Archlinux ARM on Pinephone.

~silvermag 3 years ago


That got it to get past that error for me. Now I'm stuck on it complaining about duplicate modems.

thread 'main' panicked at 'expected 1 modem, got 2', src/state.rs:197:19

~anteater 3 years ago

It would be a great idea to describe installation/setup processes for different pinephone distros. The current information basically assumes starting "from scratch", which probably applies most closely to Arch Linux ARM.

For all distros, the main thing to know is that ofono and ModemManager are mutually exclusive. MM must be disabled (and you may need to reboot) before starting ofonod. ModemManager has some infrastructure around its qmi-proxy program that works toward being able to multiplex access to the modem, but I don't believe it would be trivial to get Ofono running atop this--ofono and MM really try to manage the same resources.

On the other hand, it might eventually be good to implement something like qmi-proxy for ofono to make it easier to run AT/QMI commands while ofono is running. But that's off-topic for this issue.

Back to setup: I've done most of my testing on Manjaro, but with ModemManager disabled and a custom version of ofono, and using a patched version of MartijnBraam's ofonoctl script (the unpatched version is packaged with a systemd service in Manjaro).

Some of the background information is also present at the mms-stack-meta README.

~anteater 3 years ago


  • the dbus configuration you linked is functionally the same as what's provided with the Manjaro ofono package (mentioned as ofono.conf in the PKGBUILD).
  • If you're building anything with bootstrap-configure, don't--it passes --enable-maintainer-mode to configure for ofono which results in a test modem being created and getting in the way. That script is for development, not building the software to run. I agree we should have an installation guide that avoids this, but I'm curious where anyone got the idea that bootstrap-configure was preferable to the good old ./configure --prefix=/usr && make && make install.
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