unable to start vgmms, but scripted rest of build to save some trouble

This might be useful stuff to add to the repo readme


I and a few others are having trouble starting vgmms after building due to dbus issues and do not know how to proceed. Wondering if we need to stop other services or something before vgmms can start?

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~silvermag (edited) 3 years ago*

first dbus issue is vgmmsd not being able to talk to ofono

src/modem.c:get_modem_property() modem 0xaaaac74e9dd0 property 
                        SystemPathsrc/modem.c:get_modem_property() modem 0xaaaac74e9dd0 property 

solved with an allow rule

/usr/share/dbus-1/system.d/org.ofono.conf I added this block before the end

<policy user="alarm">
     <allow send_destination="org.ofono"/> 

Now I get this duplicate modem error

thread 'main' panicked at 'expected 1 modem, got 2', src/state.rs:197:19

This is danct12's arch image

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~silvermag 3 years ago*

ah shoot it ate my policy rule because it looks like html tags.


~silvermag 3 years ago

I think some of my problems are addressed in bug 23 and bug 26, trying changes from these now.

~anteater 3 years ago*

I'm in favor of having a script to set things up from scratch so people can use and reference it for setup.

Please replace ./bootstrap-configure with ./bootstrap && ./configure --prefix=/usr for both packages. bootstrap-configure is not intended for non-development/testing usage and for ofono it creates a test modem that only causes problems (covered as you note in bug #26).

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