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#72 Document How to Configure Accurate Location Gathering Support/GPS 9 months ago

Ticket created by ~bakerk98 on ~mil/mepo-tickets

I'd like to respectfully request documentation added to either the installation or user guide which details how to get GPS working through Mepo. I am struggling a bit to get accurate location from GPS when I have tried searching for documentation but found nothing conclusive. It seems maybe it is expected to work out of the box? If that is the case then maybe the documentation would still be worth while because I seem to have accidentally broken it maybe by messing with mmcli location settings.

I've tried running 'mmcli -m any --location-enable-gps-nmea --location-enable-gps-raw --location-enable-agps-msa --location-enable-3gpp' which seemed to return a decent chunk of location data when running 'mmcli -m any --location-get'. Unfortunately I only seem to get a read on my location when connected to WiFi. I also tried playing with gpsd, but I especially don't know what I'm doing with that either.

Thanks for the consideration

#70 Make it more obvious to user how to set ENV variables 9 months ago

Comment by ~bakerk98 on ~mil/mepo-tickets

Thank you! Sorry for the late reply. I see that launching through terminal it is able to set the MEPO_GEOLOCATE_COORDSVIAMETHOD variable correctly (using coordsviagpsd as suggested), but still seems to fetch from coordsviageoclue. I think I might be unneccessarily complicating this though if it uses GPS anyway when it can... But if it defaults to coordsviageoclue when I have coordsviagpsd set, would that mean that I don't have gpsd configured correctly? My goal has been to get the location to be a little bit more accurate, as the location is precise, but the accuracy is a block or so away or more sometimes depending on where I am

#70 Make it more obvious to user how to set ENV variables 10 months ago

Ticket created by ~bakerk98 on ~mil/mepo-tickets

Hello, just found out about mepo and I'm happy about it! However, I'm not sure how to set the ENV variable MEPO_GEOLOCATE_COORDSVIAMETHOD to use my GPS. I've tried setting it then running mepo on the CLI like "MEPO_GEOLOCATE_COORDSVIAMETHOD=coordsviagps mepo" which didn't seem to take. I also have tried exporting the variable and then running mepo which also didn't srem to work. I'm not sure how I'm supposed to pass the var to mepo! I'm running SXMO on the pinephone via PostmarketOS Stable v23.06. Whatever the solution may be, I would like to humbly request it be added to the docs, as I imagine if I can't figure it out, others may struggle as well

#9 Support for SXMO 10 months ago

Comment by ~bakerk98 on ~kennylevinsen/wlsunset

Hello, I am happy to report now that on the latest stable SXMO from PostmarketOS, I am running wlsunset OK!

#562 pinephone's +2233445566 number and pnc 10 months ago

Comment by ~bakerk98 on ~mil/sxmo-tickets

Have you tried making a contact for the modem?

#9 Support for SXMO 1 year, 10 months ago

Comment by ~bakerk98 on ~kennylevinsen/wlsunset

Unfortunately, Sway's log did not yield any information, and I couldn't get drm_info to compile

#9 Support for SXMO 1 year, 10 months ago

Ticket created by ~bakerk98 on ~kennylevinsen/wlsunset

Hello, thanks for the wonderful program! It works great on my desktop!

However, it is not working out on my Pinephone, which is running SXMO. I am running the Sway/Wayland version, but I am at a loss as to why it might not work.


#521 Using emacs instead of vis or vim to text 1 year, 10 months ago

Ticket created by ~bakerk98 on ~mil/sxmo-tickets

Hello, I am sick today and I am sorry but I have no idea how to submit a patch or anything... I am very new to development and git so please bare with me. I saw on the documentation for SXMO that support for other editors was coming later, and I wanted to contribute what I could.

Anyway, I found that changing line 63 in sxmo_modemtext.sh to emacsclient -c -q -u "$DRAFT" worked out well. But it seems that maybe a check to see if emacsclient is in $EDITOR could allow for this line to work better, as opposed to sxmo_terminal.sh "$EDITOR" "$DRAFT". Calling sxmo_terminal.sh emacsclient -c -q -u "$DRAFT" leaves an empty terminal on the screen while emacsclient is open.