#115 ability to bounce messages 10 months ago

Ticket created by ~balejk on ~rjarry/aerc

Forward a message as is, including leaving the original headers intact, only appending the Resent-* headers. The message should appear to the final recipient as if it was sent directly by the original sender (except for the Resent-* headers and headers appended by the final recipient's server). For implementation details, please refer to neomutt's bounce-message command.

#114 ability to select multiple message parts 10 months ago

Ticket created by ~balejk on ~rjarry/aerc

...and operate on them at once, in particular select multiple attachments and save them under the same directory within a single :save command invocation.

#113 additional `index-format` placeholders 10 months ago

Ticket created by ~balejk on ~rjarry/aerc

aerc could support additional placeholders to be used with the index-format setting, for instance attachment status (does the email contain any attachments?) and message size.

#112 task view 10 months ago

Ticket created by ~balejk on ~rjarry/aerc

Something like ranger's task window, where for instance statuses of yet unsent (due to poor network for example) outgoing messages would be displayed, perhaps with the possibility to cancel or edit them, could be nice. #84 could also profit from this. Other background tasks could be displayed there as well.

#70 Two threading bugs 10 months ago

Comment by ~balejk on ~rjarry/aerc

Just some of my thoughts: it seems reasonable to me that the cache should be used for client-side threading, at least for the messages that have already been fetched. For instance, neomutt downloads the headers for the full folder upon its opening, which of course causes a significant delay (just the first time with header cache enabled, though), perhaps aerc could do the same in the background? Preferably with a setting saying how many messages should be cached, e. g.: viewed (the current behaviour)/n (n newest messages)/since (messages new than a given date)/all.

#110 command completion removes flags 10 months ago

Ticket created by ~balejk on ~rjarry/aerc

For instance, typing :save -f /tm<Tab><Tab> on a message or an attachment completes :save /tmp instead of the expected :save -f /tmp.

Tested with aerc 0.13.0.