Write a specification

We sure need a spec for Mycomarkup.

The spec will be important for:

  • Standardisation. Projects like Vera's Python parser will benefit from this.
  • Formalisation. Everyone will benefit from this.
  • Gaslighting people into the fungal ways.
  • Explaining the design decisions.

And it will probably be fun to make.

The spec shall define a language usable not only in Mycorrhiza, as Mycomarkup is now. Sure, the library lets you transform Mycomarkup to HTML from the shell, but look at how links and images work and you'll come across radical mycocentrism there.

Some things to address when appropriating Mycomarkup for general usage:

  • Link rules
  • Error messages

Also, the spec should define the language HTML-agnostic. Sure, there will be sections explaining how Mycomarkup can/should be transformed into HTML, but they are not crucial for defining the language.

While writing the spec, we will definitely find some things that we have never really thought of. We might leave them undefined and come back to them in later versions.

As of versioning, we won't have versions per se until the pre-1.0 era comes. When it comes, we'll see what's next.

The writing slowly takes place on [[spec]].

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