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~brandelune 11 months ago*

There are 2 ways to do that:

Not quite sure what's the best option yet.

~minibego 11 months ago

Let's rock! I mean read. :)🗿

~brandelune 11 months ago

Let me know what you think of which is the best option for adding the OmegaT repository here.

~brandelune 11 months ago*

After reading the following articles:

I think I'll opt for a subtree since we won't have to push back to OmegaT.

The seemingly accepted metaphor is that submodules are links to a give state of the original repository, with all the commit history, and thus it is easy to commit back there, and that subtrees are copies of the original repository, without any commit history, thus making it much harder to commit back to the original repository.

~brandelune REPORTED IMPLEMENTED 11 months ago

Ok, done.

➜ git remote add omegat https://github.com/omegat-org/omegat

➜ git subtree add --squash --prefix=omegat/ omegat master

The result has been git push 'ed here, and anybody who clones the current repository will have a copy of OmegaT's code that I'll keep up to date by pulling modifications from GitHub regularly. Now, we can start.

~brandelune 10 months ago

After adding the remote "omegat" (see above: ➜ git remote add omegat https://github.com/omegat-org/omegat)

Update a local repository with the contents of https://github.com/omegat-org/omegat[master] like this:

➜ git subtree pull --squash --prefix=omegat/ omegat master

It is then possible to push to https://git.sr.ht/~brandelune/omegat-as-a-book

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