Contributing instructions?

It's unclear what's the best way to submit patches. ~sircmpwn prefers them submitted by mail, but ~breakfastquay does not seem to have a public mailing list.

PR through the GitHub mirror? Or emailing the patch to bq@breakfastquay.com?

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3 years ago
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~cannam 3 years ago*

Thanks for querying this! For short patches, I actually quite like them just pasted into the issue or comment text in the tracker, surrounded by the Markdown triple-backquotes for code formatting.

However I probably should set up a list as well, it would make more sense for longer patches and back-and-forth. I've only relatively recently started doing serious work with this platform, so I'm still gradually figuring out a sensible approach. I'll leave this issue open as a reminder - not just to decide on this but also to document it.

~michel-slm 3 years ago

ah, yes, triple-backquotes should hopefully be safe enough, thanks. For now I've emailed my patches but let me know if you want them in the issues instead.

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