#14 no key repeat in wlgreet 3 years ago

Ticket created by ~brendyn on ~kennylevinsen/greetd

wlgreet should probably use map_keyboard_auto_with_repeat, instead of just map_keyboard_auto, to fix this.

#13 Default config is read even when --config is used 3 years ago

Ticket created by ~brendyn on ~kennylevinsen/greetd

I am packaging greetd for Guix, which uses an atypical directory structure.When I run greetd with

greetd --config /gnu/store/xc4qf85kjq35blif08kh7h8vd703vysb-config.toml

(which is a valid config), and /etc/greetd/config.toml doesn't exist, greetd will error saying "No such file or directory". If it does exist as an invalid config, it will error parsing it. If it exists as a valid config, it is read, but apparently ignored, and the file passed to --config is correctly used anyway.

As a reminder, from our IRC conversation, your theory was the worker process spawned by greetd reads the config from the default path, but doesn't make any use of it.