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Programmer and researcher in compiler construction, formal methods, constructive mathematics, type theory, category theory, and intuitionistic logic. I am also passionate about software freedom, functional programming, deterministic software, type safety, and enthusiastically opposing framework-driven programming.



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#268 Repository pinning 6 days ago

Ticket created by ~brettgilio on ~sircmpwn/sr.ht

It may be preferable for visual organization if hub.sr.ht, git.sr.ht, and hg.sr.ht had an option to pin up-to 3 repositories. Preference above all would be hub.sr.ht for projects with many repositories, where one specific git/hg source is considered the "main project".

Visual demarcation could be moving the repository to the top of the list, darkening the border around the listing, and adding a svg or unicode pin symbol.

#11 Add to MELPA 11 days ago

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#15 Implement support for RDF parsing 20 days ago

Ticket created by ~brettgilio on ~brettgilio/org-webring

Some RSS-style feeds such as https://export.arxiv.org/rss/math.CT requires special RDF parsing.

#3 generate CSS from defcustoms 21 days ago

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#14 Correct validation for Planet/Syndicates 21 days ago

Ticket created by ~brettgilio on ~brettgilio/org-webring

#8 Implement syndicates list 21 days ago

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#13 Future-proofing 23 days ago

Comment by ~brettgilio on ~brettgilio/org-webring

This is currently being worked on in the following branch. https://git.sr.ht/~brettgilio/org-webring/tree/feature/reuse-nnrss-parts

#10 Add post pinning support 23 days ago

Comment by ~brettgilio on ~brettgilio/org-webring

Essentially it will be a mockup similar to what I did in this post https://brettgilio.com/posts/2020-08-16-what-is-a-contributor.html. However, we can and should apply this to the entire webring, not just sharing a reply. A pinned post could have a push-pin icon next to the title to designate it as a pinned post (first in the order), where the rest of the most recent posts will be appended to the right of that pinned post. Does that make sense?

As far as implementation, some information would have to be specified, and I think a post URL would probably be the best choice, and we could do matching from there.

#9 Add post pinning support 24 days ago

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#10 Add post pinning support 24 days ago

on ~brettgilio/org-webring