#251 New Comment Preview Usability 1 year, 11 months ago

Ticket created by ~c-alpha on ~sircmpwn/todo.sr.ht

After clicking on the preview button, it is hard to enlarge the new comment text box again, since it re-appears below the preview, and the resize corner of the new comment text box can be dragged no further down than the bottom of the screen (which likely is not very far at that point).

Ideally, the new comment text box should retain its size across the preview generation. If that should be too hard, another option could be to have the preview appear below the text box.

#220 Feature Request: A more generic resolution 1 year, 11 months ago

Comment by ~c-alpha on ~sircmpwn/todo.sr.ht

Agree with ~rwa; support closing this as a duplicate of #183.

#183 Ticket states 1 year, 11 months ago

Comment by ~c-alpha on ~sircmpwn/todo.sr.ht

From a long standing FOSS bug tracker:

  • open states:
    • NEW
  • closed states:
    • CLOSED

UNCONFIRMED is for untriaged bugs. After it's been confirmed to be a bug, it advances to NEW, and awaits to be picked up by someone (at which point it advances to ASSIGNED).

If and when an issue is in one of the closed states, there is an additional field called "Resolution", which can be set to one of:

  • empty

Additionally, when it is in the ASSIGNED state, the "Assignee" field gets activated, and must be filled in.

There is also a field labelled "QA Contact", which can be set to a user. Typically, the assignee fixes the bug, and advances it to RESOLVED, at the same time setting the Resolution field to an appropriate value. The QA Contact user (when set) automatically gets notified by email, and when done with verifying the fix works, he/she advances the bug to VERIFIED.

The verification process is optional, and if it's not a bug, but a pure task, it will simply stay there as RESOLVED.

CLOSED is typically used when it becomes clear early that no action is needed. Such a bug would be moved to CLOSED, and the Resolution field would typically be set to DUPLICATE, WORKSFORME, or MOVED.

#238 Too much unused space in ticket body 1 year, 11 months ago

Comment by ~c-alpha on ~sircmpwn/todo.sr.ht

I also support arranging the status/submitter/etc section above the first post body.