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#4 Other independent wikis besides NIWA 37 minutes ago

Comment by ~cadence on ~cadence/breezewiki-todo

~mr_pie_5 Great, thanks for explaining! I reckon I'll make another version of the notice that is smaller and less intrusive saying there is another active wiki community and they may have different info. It appears at a glance that the Xeno wiki is in this situation as well.

#4 Other independent wikis besides NIWA 54 minutes ago

Comment by ~cadence on ~cadence/breezewiki-todo

~mr_pie_5 Can you please elaborate?

#7 Fandom always redirects to unescaped semicolons 22 hours ago

Ticket created by ~cadence on ~cadence/breezewiki-todo

Thread: https://lists.sr.ht/~cadence/breezewiki-discuss/%3Cb5c5cdc5409b7a721c5bffd1768cc0efa050b0df%40disroot.org%3E

The issue now is that semicolon is converted back from the escaped version to the direct version on the redirection page. I guess I need to code semicolon as a special case. I should be able to fix this soon.

#4 Other independent wikis besides NIWA a day ago

on ~cadence/breezewiki-todo

~cadence Left a note in the wiki.gg Discord about this thread (I asked one of the staff prior to that and was told to do so).

For ARK: this will be probably slightly annoying, but whatever you write is fine. Our reasons (at the time of talking with Studio Wildcard regarding the move):

  • excessive or inappropriate advertisements,
  • Gamepedia platform features getting removed or restricted with no notice,
  • platform bugs remaining broken for extended periods of time,
  • things like quizzes and featured videos being enforced (happened after we moved, but we've been asked to help with creating some quizzes a few months ahead),
  • Gamepedia staff getting fired over time (= no support people who know how to work with the platform)
  • and my favourite: being unable to launch new translations anymore as "both platforms are on-par in terms of functionality" - took several months to sort out the Thai wiki and I'm not sure if that'd be possible again. By extent, this is also "poor prospects for ARK 2 wiki cause no Cargo [...]".

#4 Other independent wikis besides NIWA 2 days ago

on ~cadence/breezewiki-todo

~cadence Noita Wiki admin here -- would y'all be able to add a similar migration notice / redirect for the Noita Wiki now on wiki.gg as well?

You can reuse any of our existing copy from the original migration notice talk page here: https://noita.fandom.com/wiki/Talk:Noita_Wiki/migration_to_wiki.gg

#4 Other independent wikis besides NIWA 2 days ago

Comment by ~cadence on ~cadence/breezewiki-todo

~alex4401 Hi, thanks for reaching out! Would you like to provide a short 1-2 paragraph blurb with background on your wiki (and optionally why/when it left Fandom) similar to the descriptions on https://www.niwanetwork.org/members/ ? If you do I'd be happy to add your words to the site, otherwise I'll put together something from the existing prose on your wiki's front page.

If you're able to reach out to the wiki.gg team to let them know about the BreezeWiki project and ask if they want a consistent wording for the redirection notice for all wiki.gg wikis, I'd REALLY appreciate that! You can either reply to this public thread or privately email cadence@disroot.org when you have a response. Stay cool.

#6 Page titles with underscores are displayed as space 3 days ago

Ticket created by ~cadence on ~cadence/breezewiki-todo

Originally reported here: https://lists.sr.ht/~cadence/breezewiki-discuss/%3C0ff817ff143cc78cd15177e8eb5e2703497dbee5%40disroot.org%3E

API: https://minecraft.fandom.com/api.php?action=parse&page=Java_Edition_Beta_1.7_01&prop=text&formatversion=2&format=json

The API's title data has the underscore mistakenly replaced with space.

This seems difficult to fix since I'd need a find a new source of truth. Impact is so low that I'm not really interested in working on this.

#5 Minecraft:Wither page continuously jumps due to animated infobox image 3 days ago

Ticket created by ~cadence on ~cadence/breezewiki-todo


Something about this infobox styling just isn't right.

While it's fun for the items, it doesn't work for anything else. The best solution here would be to run the animation in JS rather than trying to be clever with CSS.

#4 Other independent wikis besides NIWA 10 days ago

Ticket created by ~cadence on ~cadence/breezewiki-todo

Will add more as I discover them or other people suggest them.

#3 Semicolons in URL are path parameters, should be escaped 20 days ago

Comment by ~cadence on ~cadence/breezewiki-todo

I have done item 2 on that list.