Some video in IGTV section not played properly

I noticed videos from page 1 of IGTV section are play well. But when i scroll down for more page, videos in those pages is not played anymore as they are not configure properly

You can check for yourself: https://bibliogram.jimis.me/u/annapurnainteractive/channel

image image

And this is from dev tools image

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~cadence REPORTED WONT_FIX a month ago

Nothing I can do.

For pages after the first page on the IGTV timeline, Instagram does not provide the video URL in the initial request. It does provide a lot of other data, like the thumbnail URL, caption, and video length, but not the URL to the video itself.

Bibliogram recognises that it has a video post without a video URL, and tries to self-update that post's data by requesting more data about the post from the post's page. This request almost always fails to being blocked by Instagram, since Instagram for whatever reason has differently implemented rate limits for posts than it does for timeline pages.

Bibliogram recognises that the self-update failed, but tries to continue anyway, in the hope that there may still be some useful information from the post's initial data that it can display to the user. In fact, there is some useful data, like the post's caption and publish date, which it does display. But it couldn't get the video URL, so that's stored as the undefined placeholder in memory, so it uses undefined as the URL, so the video appears to not load, tada.

Hope this helps.

~cadence a month ago

Oh, thanks for the information in your report and how you formatted it. That was really helpful to me and helped me track down what was happening very quickly.

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