non-chronological posts order

Currently I see an increasing amount of accounts having some posts out of chronological order, especially the first few ones. Some feed readers have issues with that, e.g. they no longer reliably recognize new posts.

Is this an instagram/bibliogram bug or maybe a new (pinning?) feature?

Example account: @fcbarcelona

First 3 posts published on 2022-07-01: Cfdh2O7DNIj CfeSNrdDANU Cfd89GfDTaj

4th (to 7th) post published on 2022-07-02: Cfhi0X2D0Ft

#8th post published on 2022-07-01 again: CffDhPDIzL7

Flying Flamingo
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4 months ago
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~cadence 4 months ago

It's the new pinning feature. Profiles can pin 3 posts to the top.

In your opinion, how should Bibliogram handle this?

Competent RSS readers shouldn't have a problem with this since the correct dates are provided for each post. The reader program should be able to order by the posted date.

Flying Flamingo 4 months ago · edit

Oh, so now we can only see 9 new posts. :(

#I guess there should be at least some visual indication that a post is pinned.

~cadence 3 months ago

That would be nice to have, but I decided I don't care enough to do it. I will accept patches.

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