Languages other than English

Example pages:

Technical requirements:

  • Change how paths are handled in the router to support language links.
  • Provide the language to the wiki page viewing functions.
    • Could be as part of the URL or could be a separate parameter.
    • Should be consistent between all the functions.
  • Load page content from /langcode/api.php (api)
  • Use prop=langlinks to find all available languages for that page, and list them near the search bar, for easy switching (api)
  • Search suggestions should be based on a particular language? How to select one?
  • Search results page should be based on a particular language? How to select one?
  • Watch out for special page prefixes in other languages like Cat├ęgorie (example)
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~shellhazard 9 months ago

Search suggestions should be based on a particular language? How to select one?

Just to clarify here, is this a technical question (i.e. how to prompt Fandom to return search results based on a particular language) or a design question (i.e. how to choose the language the user wants suggestions in)?

~cadence 9 months ago

That's a very smart question.

Technically: /fr/api.php gives search suggestions based on French, so problem solved.

Design will be the harder part. I could go based on the language the user is currently browsing in? However, not all pages are available in all languages. This creates some problems, because if you're visiting (for example) an English page and wanting to search for a different French page, you'd first have to switch the current page's language, then use the search feature. However, if the current page isn't in French (maybe it's a niche topic that hasn't been translated yet) then this flow won't work, even when the desired destination page is available in French.

People would also have to wait a couple of seconds for the page to reload in the desired language before they can search.

I would love to figure out some user stories and use cases so that I can polish this design the right way, but since the languages feature has been in demand for almost a year now, it might be better to create an imperfect design if I can do it sooner.

~cadence 5 months ago

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