More independent wikis (2nd thread)

Previous thread: https://todo.sr.ht/~cadence/breezewiki-todo/4

Post independent wikis here so I can add redirect notices for them on BreezeWiki. Thanks!

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~miraclegem 1 year, 2 months ago

Hi! Apologies if this one has been suggested already.

The Infosphere is an independent Futurama wiki that has been in operation since 2006. It is strictly separate from the Futurama wiki on Fandom, and always has been. Their reasons for refusing to be involved with Fandom are explained in this article.

I would love to see a redirect notice get added for it!


~videojames 1 year, 1 month ago

https://homestuck-and-mspa-music.fandom.com/wiki/Crystalmethequins -> https://hsmusic.wiki/track/crystalmethequins/

This one might be weird/impossible to implement automatic redirects for due hsmusic.wiki's lack of a search function and significantly different url scheme. Though I think in this case just putting the user on the home page would be acceptable due to how well organized hsmusic.wiki is.

Nestor Evseev 9 months ago · edit

MC Wiki finally abandoned Fandom


~cadence 9 months ago

Fantastic! I'm so happy for them!

adamantris 5 months ago · edit

Hello! :)

The Starlight River Terraria mod developers announced that they opened their own official wiki on wiki.gg (https://starlightrivermod.wiki.gg/wiki/Starlight_River_Mod_Wiki), so I'd like to ask wether it is possible to add a redirect button from the Fandom wiki (https://terraria-starlight-river.fandom.com/wiki/Terraria_Starlight_River_Wiki) to the official one, just like with the main Terraria wiki and a bunch of mods for the game.

Thanks in advance!

blankie 3 months ago · edit

Update: Rainverse Wiki has updated its domain name to https://rainverse.wiki (source: https://transfem.social/notes/9rguvyqstxym0wzv, archive.today)

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