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I'm able to use Tor and watch videos without any issue on CT, will we be blocked later on? I checked the old CT instance to make sure and Tor is still being blocked there.

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~cadence 3 years ago

All the text in this response is important, please read it.

Tor, VPNs, proxy networks, and single IPs sending excessive requests will be restricted in some fashion in the future. I have not yet worked out how I want to do this.

Restrictions will most likely apply per the instance that is selected in settings, since that is where the main work takes place.

Since all my code is open source, if other people host copies of the site, they may choose to opt in to restricting networks in the same way, or stick with the default which will be open to all.

Of course you can also run the software yourself and not encounter any restrictions. This will not be too difficult to do.

I unfortunately have to impose restrictions because if I don't then my site is overwhelmed with requests from spammers, scrapers, crawlers, and the like. I don't want to have to do restrict the site, but annoying people love to use proxy networks to get around IP-based limits, and having to serve their meaningless requests severely degrades the quality of service for real people.

Suggestions, improvements, and alternatives on what I can do about this whole situation are welcome.

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