&t=startTime parameter broken on videos

Cloudtube uses Normal Play Time MediaFragment parameter to fetch a video from the time defined on the t URL parameter (converters.tToMediaFragment()).

Example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1BwxYHNFAgk&t=3m15s

Using git bisect between 406e04b7b0367e99d826fab4f7a1f3ca860342d1 as good and e0238d7e7dbe7c6af03183f00584a7b9e6e1329a as bad, it seems that it's been broken with commit ac3de4b4e6b38e3f209d22f85f319bdf4468aa63, though I don't understand how it could have introduced this regression.

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cloudtube problem

~cadence a month ago

~cadence a month ago

Thanks for the bisect! If you set the default quality in settings to "720p" or "Best combined", does the issue persist with ac3de4b?

~lomanic a month ago*

(fixed links in OP)

There's no Best combined in the /settings page on my instance, so tested everything:

  • 720p: initial default, not working, starts at 00:00
  • 360p: not working, starts at 00:00
  • Best possible: worked once, but track time was locked on 3:15 while it was playing, after a refresh was not working anymore, starts at 00:00
  • Best <= 1080p: not working, starts at 00:00
  • Best <= 30fps: not working, starts at 00:00

~lomanic a month ago*

~cadence REPORTED FIXED a month ago

Thanks you for that investigation! I was able to track this down and - I believe - fix it, thanks to you.

Fixed in c811a4aaf9ad9778533fb51f2a5639770707c2a1.


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