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Are RSS feeds for channels planned or already supported? Not finding a way to grab RSS feeds.

Youtube has this functionality built in (I just learned about this today): How to Get an RSS Feed from Youtube

If I could get RSS feeds from Cloudtube that would allow me to get channel updates and just watch the videos directly on Cloudtube that would be amazing!

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~cadence 2 years ago

NewLeaf provides these. Or at least, it should. Invidious does.

I can add a button that links to the feed URL on the instance that's currently being used.

~heywoodlh 2 years ago

That would be perfect.

In the meantime is there any way to grab the URL for a channel's RSS feed directly from NewLeaf?

~cadence 2 years ago

I checked, and turns out there is not. For now you can look up "how to get rss for youtube channels". It should not be bad to try to add.

~heywoodlh 2 years ago

Yeah, that is what I am currently doing at the moment. However, since I am on iOS there is no way to redirect requests to youtube.com to my Cloudtube instance (no way that I am aware of at least).

~cadence 2 years ago

Oooh I see. You want the feeds to point to some other site. That makes sense. I'll keep that in mind.

~heywoodlh 2 years ago

Yeah, I'd love to have the feeds get updated by Cloudtube and link to the Cloudtube instance when I try to watch the videos.

I understand if this is too much but would be way cool if it was possible.

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