Direct messages tab closes the app

This is an unexpected behavior. Check if this feature is even implemented.

Version: 1.1.0-beta3

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3 months ago
15 days ago

~poetgrant 24 days ago

When I tap on the Direct Messages tab, nothing loads. To get to messages, I have to go to each user's profile and act like I'm going to message them to see their reply.

I'm not sure if this should be attached her, but I wonder if it is related.

~captainepoch 24 days ago

It might be or might be not related to this.

Could you provide me your Android version and the version of Husky you're using, please?

~poetgrant 24 days ago

Android 12 Husky 1.1.2

~poetgrant 15 days ago

I have figured out my issue.

My router was trying to route everything through IPV6. Since turning that off, everything works just fine.

Apparently IPV6 isn't the holy grail that everyone preaches about.

~captainepoch 15 days ago

Mmm... This is very weird... I'll keep an eye on that, just in case.

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