Create new feed format For Backup/Restore of feeds

Create new feed format to better suit migrating/backing up the beagles database. OPML may be the standard, but it does not fit this case well.

This should include the feeds with their items and noting the state of the items(i.e. read vs unread). Make sure to include a position for when podcast playback is implemented.

This should also include writing up the specification for this language.

Note consider using https://baremessages.org/ to establish the format

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7 months ago
a month ago
enhancement v0.3.0 wip

~chrisppy 2 months ago

Initial implementation is complete, located at https://git.sr.ht/~chrisppy/barefeed

~chrisppy a month ago*

Spec will be located at https://barefeed.org and gemini://barefeed.org