Follows silently dropped from lists

Some contacts I follow through bird.makeup silently get removed/dropped from lists at random times. I would add them to a list, then I can see them as members of that list for a while until they suddenly disappear from the list but I stay followed to them. It‘s been pretty stable for about a week or a bit more until yesterday when suddenly many contacts disappeared from my lists again. Coincidentally it lines up with your post regarding replies: https://social.librem.one/@vincent/109842758839603329 I also saw this post: https://hachyderm.io/@leoncowle/109837574684363593 maybe there is something happening that triggers this behavior?

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~chrigi a month ago

It often happens suspiciously close to posts regarding new features (e.g. retweet replication) so my best guess is that it has something to do with deployments, maybe short unavailability of bird.makeup.

~chrigi a month ago*

Just some more background infos:

  • Happens to me (‪@avocado@social.tchncs.de‬) and a friend on another instance (tooting.ch)
  • He compared the accounts json from the list on mastodons side and could not find a difference
  • It does not remove all of the bird.makeup contacts from the lists, some remain, not sure if there is one that never vanished
  • Some accounts that vanished from my list: ‪@destinythegame@bird.makeup‬, ‪@playdate@bird.makeup

~deliciousbees 13 days ago

Wanted to +1 this as well, seeing it from a Hometown instance. I'm seeing this in two lists, one with six bird.makeup accounts and one with two.

  • When the accounts get dropped from the list, it's never all at once. Usually it's one or two, with the most being four from the six account list.
  • The usual length of time that they stay in the list before dropping is measured in days
  • All eight accounts have dropped at some point
  • It doesn't seem like it's related to tweet volume at all (one of the accounts is @wario64@bird.makeup, which lives alongside accounts that tweet once every few days.

~cloutier 6 days ago

That is not a bug in bird.makeup, but a bug in mastodon itself I believe, so this is quite hard to debug. I hypothesized that it was because public keys were being rotated. I persisted them and it looks like it works correctly now. You will have to remove them and add them back one last time though.

^From my patreon post

A few volonteers tested it already and it seemed to work. Can you do the same, and if no one reports problems for a little bit I will close this?

~chrigi 6 days ago

~cloutier thanks a lot for figuring this out 😃 yeah I saw your mastodon post(s) and tested it (I‘m the @avocado you just replied to a moment ago). Has been stable for me since you announced the possible fix so I think it‘s fine to close this.

~chrigi 2 days ago

~cloutier I‘m sorry but it happened again for me. I lost multiple entries in different lists.

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