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#3 limit size of database in memory 7 months ago

Comment by ~craftyguy on ~martijnbraam/logbookd

Ugh, I just discovered logbookd -g, sorry for the noise. I can't edit this todo(??!) but I think it would still be nice to have a way for entries in memory (when using -r) to be rotated to disk instead of being dropped entirely. Is this possible?

#3 limit size of database in memory 7 months ago

Ticket created by ~craftyguy on ~martijnbraam/logbookd

With logbookd, a user can (I did this!) spam writes to syslog until the system memory is full. The OOM killer might end up killing logbookd to free memory.

For a good init system, this isn't too bad since logbookd will probably be restarted. You may lose log data though (e.g. if run with -r).

On systems with limited init systems, logbookd may not be restarted. In that case, a normal user was effectively allowed to disable all system logging for the current boot by causing logbookd to get OOM killed, and I don't think that's good...

Is there some way to limit the amount of data in memory?

When rotating entries in memory, it could dump old ones to disk (e.g. -r?

I think a hard limit of 10% of system RAM, where entries in memory would be rotated so it doesn't continue to grow unbounded, would be sufficient even for devices (N900) with <1GB memory... it seems unlikely the in-memory log data would approach hundreds of MB?

#2 Enable support for log rotation 7 months ago

Ticket created by ~craftyguy on ~martijnbraam/logbookd

The database saved to disk shouldn't be allowed to grow indefinitely, so there should be some automatic log rotation to prevent this from happening. Traditionally for text file-based logging, logrotate is used to do this.

Having a way to specify some conditions for when the rotation happens could be nice, e.g., force rotation of size of logs on disk is greater than 100MB or something. It could be user-configurable, maybe through an ENV var?

#1 Guard against filling rootfs when writing out database to disk 7 months ago

Ticket created by ~craftyguy on ~martijnbraam/logbookd

One use case for logbookd is to run it as a system service with -r, where it will write the db to disk when it it receives SIGTERM. One situation where it can receive SIGTERM is on shutdown or reboot, from the system's init. It would be bad if logbookd ended up filling the rest of the rootfs to 100% when the system was powering off or rebooting, it probably won't boot correctly again.

Maybe there should be some way to guard against this. I suggested only writing if the number of free bytes on the filesystem was larger than the number of bytes to write out, but it was pointed out that this isn't trivial to do in sqlite3 and C.

Also see: https://gitlab.com/postmarketOS/pmaports/-/merge_requests/4549#note_1683443994

#46 xdg-desktop-portal doesn't auto-start 11 months ago

Comment by ~craftyguy on ~craftyguy/superd

On Thu, 27 Jul 2023 07:05:19 +0000 "~whynothugo" outgoing@sr.ht wrote:

I can't figure out why, but xdg-desktop-portal won't auto-start:

> superctl status xdg-desktop-portal
   Status:        stopped                                                          
   Type:          simple                                                           
   PID:           -                                                                
   Uptime:        -                                                                
   Autostart:     ✓                                                                
   Loaded:        /home/hugo/.config/services/enabled/xdg-desktop-portal.service   
   Description:   Desktop integration portals for sandboxed apps
> superctl status
                         Status    PID    Autostart 
blueman-applet           started   4536   ✓           
calls                    stopped   -      -           
chatty                   stopped   -      -           
darkman                  started   4532   ✓           
display_switch           stopped   -      -           
dockerd-rootless         started   4531   ✓           
fnott                    stopped   -      -           
foot                     stopped   -      -           
gammastep                stopped   -      -           
himitsud                 started   4530   ✓           
kanshi                   stopped   -      -           
librespot-himitsu        stopped   -      -           
libvirtd                 started   4537   ✓           
light                    stopped   -      -           
mako                     started   4535   ✓           
mmsd-tng                 stopped   -      -           
mpris-proxy              stopped   -      -           
pipewire                 started   4529   ✓           
pipewire-pulse           started   4758   ✓           
ra-multiplex-server      started   4540   ✓           
swayidle                 stopped   -      -           
udiskie                  stopped   -      -           
vvmd                     stopped   -      -           
waybar                   stopped   -      -           
wireplumber              started   4760   ✓           
wob                      stopped   -      -           
wys                      stopped   -      -           
xdg-desktop-portal       started   6035   ✓

Hmm... interesting how this status conflicts with the one above that shows "stopped"...

xdg-desktop-portal-wlr started 4759 ✓
yubikey-touch-detector started 4538 ✓

Looking at the logs, it seems that there wasn't even at attempt to start it:

The superd log should show whether or not it tried to start it.

#45 "superctl status" doesn't print status for entire given list 1 year, 3 months ago

Comment by ~craftyguy on ~craftyguy/superd

fixed by 75cd01e


#45 "superctl status" doesn't print status for entire given list 1 year, 3 months ago

bug added by ~craftyguy on ~craftyguy/superd

#45 "superctl status" doesn't print status for entire given list 1 year, 3 months ago

Ticket created by ~craftyguy on ~craftyguy/superd

Reported by triallax in chat . It only prints the status for the first given service, when it should be printing the statuses for all given services:

$ superctl status light udiskie fnott
   Status:        started
   Type:          oneshot
   PID:           -
   Uptime:        -
   Autostart:     ✓
   Loaded:        /home/clayton/.config/services/enabled/light.service
   Description:   Restore saved backlight brightness level

#43 How to properly run mpd with pipewire in tty using superd? 1 year, 4 months ago

Comment by ~craftyguy on ~craftyguy/superd

On Mon, 27 Feb 2023 22:55:25 +0000 "~timsofteng" outgoing@sr.ht wrote:

Hello. How should I properly run mpd with pipewire backend in tty with superd and without gui?

How do mpd and pipewire communicate? If it's through dbus, then you'll need to make sure both superd and mpd have the same dbus session address set (there's an environment variable for it.)

#42 Feature: superctl is-active command 1 year, 5 months ago

Comment by ~craftyguy on ~craftyguy/superd

On Wed, 15 Feb 2023 18:41:53 +0000 "~aren" outgoing@sr.ht wrote:

Systemctl has an is-active subcommand which is useful in scripts that need to check the status of a service

I think this would be really helpful, thanks for the suggestion!

From the systemctl docs:

Check whether any of the specified units are active (i.e. running). Returns an exit code 0 if at least one is active, or non-zero otherwise. Unless --quiet is specified, this will also print the current unit state to standard output.

If I understand that correctly, it should do something like this?

$ superctl is-active foo
$ echo $?
$ superctl start foo
$ superctl is-active --quiet foo
$ echo $?