suggestion: add support for string hashing in retro/c/c++

For my day job I recently had to address performance issues and I implemented a "perfect hash table" in C++ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Perfect_hash_function - The code I used was published on https://stackoverflow.com/questions/2826559/compile-time-preprocessor-hashing-of-string

The BIG advantage is in C++ code StringHash::StaticHash("interpret") is the hash computed by the compiler, zero runtime overhead. The second C function can then be used at runtime to create the hash.

I think this function deserves its own i/o type so hashing can be done by the vm at high speed with slower fallback support. This can then be used as a building block to seriously improve the performance of Dictionary operations :)


unsigned StringHash__Dynamic(const char* str) {
  unsigned R = (StringHash::OFFSET ^ (*str & 0xFF)) * StringHash::PRIME;
  while (*str++) {
    R = (R ^ (*str & 0xFF)) * StringHash::PRIME;
  return R;


class StringHash
  template <unsigned N, unsigned I>
  struct HashHelper
    constexpr static unsigned Calculate(const char(&str)[N])
      return (HashHelper<N, I - 1>::Calculate(str) ^ (str[I - 1] & 0xFF)) * StringHash::PRIME;

  template <unsigned N>
  struct HashHelper<N, 1>
    constexpr static unsigned Calculate(const char(&str)[N])
      return (StringHash::OFFSET ^ (str[0] & 0xFF)) * StringHash::PRIME;

  template<unsigned N>
  constexpr static unsigned StaticHash(const char(&str)[N])
    return HashHelper<N, N>::Calculate(str);
  static const unsigned OFFSET = 0x01234567;
  static const unsigned PRIME = 0x89ABCDEF;
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~crc_ 2 years ago

One observation: a fallback to this would probably need to be running on a 64-bit implementation as cells are signed and the StringHash::PRIME is bigger than a signed integer can hold on 32-bit systems.

~scott91e1 2 years ago*

its my understanding that as long as its a prime there should be no issues with picking a smaller one.

i am assuming to make it compatible with 32bit signed the hashing should be performed using unsigned and only the lower 31 bits returned?

~crc_ 2 years ago

I think that would suffice.

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