Edge case with new Unu warning

#Description of Problem

An error message was recently added to assist new users:

warning: no code blocks found!
         filename: foo.retro
         see http://unu.retroforth.org for a brief summary of
         the unu code format used by retro

If the user creates a file that is 100% unit tests, they will erroneously be presented the warning above. This does not stop the program from working, but the behavior might be confusing.

#Steps to Reproduce

  1. Create a file, foo.retro, which only contains triple backtick blocks.
  2. Run the file via retro -t foo.md
  3. Observe the error described above.
Assigned to
2 months ago
2 months ago
minor-bug retro/nga

~crc_ 2 months ago

I’ll have this fixed shortly after the 2022.8 release is out.

~crc_ 2 months ago

Running with this input as foo.retro:

‘Test s:put nl

If I run: retro foo.retro, I get the warning, but not if I run retro -t foo.retro. Can you post the file giving the warning with -t?

~crc_ REPORTED IMPLEMENTED 2 months ago

In the latest commit, it no longer displays the warning on test files I’ve made with only test blocks.

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