#17 New follows not added to database 1 year, 1 month ago

Ticket created by ~cryobyte33 on ~cloutier/bird.makeup

After using the steps outlined in #4, I am now able to get into the interface of bird.makeup, but now searching and following new accounts is not creating the appropriate DB entries.

This is a clean install of bird.makeup on a fresh domain. I am hosting my instance behind a traefik reverse proxy, but BirdSiteLive never had any issues, and it seems that birdmakeup is able to do everything besides push data to the database.

My twitter_users table looks like this:

"id"	"acct"	"lasttweetpostedid"	"lastsync"	"fetchingerrorcount"	"twitteruserid"	"fediverseaccount"	"lasttweetsynchronizedforallfollowersid"	"followingssyncstatus"
12	"TDeckverse"	1662776760881102849	"2023-05-28 22:34:56.78"	0	5392522		1662776760881102849	"{""12"": 1662776760881102849}"

And my followers table looks like this:

"id"	"followings"	"acct"	"host"	"inboxroute"	"sharedinboxroute"	"actorid"	"postingerrorcount"	"followingssyncstatus"
4	{12}	"cryobyte33"	"mastodon.cryobyte.net"	"/users/cryobyte33/inbox"	"/inbox"	"https://mastodon.cryobyte.net/users/cryobyte33"	0	"{""12"" : 1662776760881102849}"

Any help is appreciated!