Imports Become Undefined

Sometimes imports of class or classes bound in a module become undefined; there name is bound to nil. Usually this can be solved be recompiling the class referenced. For the time being I don't know the exact reason.

Best theory so far: The class builder does not handle renaming classes correctly wrt. environments.

Fix: Recompile the class being referenced.

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3 years ago
4 months ago
Fault Haver

~cy-de-fect 2 years ago

This also happens with names bound in the very same module they are used in. I suppose this is due to the missing undefined handling.

~cy-de-fect 2 years ago

Just for the record: Behavior>>#literalScannedAs:notifying: writes to Undeclared

~cy-de-fect 1 year, 2 months ago

I suspect this issue is connected to #16.

~cy-de-fect 4 months ago

One simple cause is the promotion of an alias interface to a real one, that misses an export, which in turn the importing module uses to import that symbol.

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