#4 Other independent wikis besides NIWA 1 year, 5 months ago

Comment by ~danielh on ~cadence/breezewiki-todo

#120 Support multi-line !math and !latex commands 4 years ago

Ticket created by ~danielh on ~nova/fletcher

Sometimes it is more convenient to write a formula (or non-formula LaTeX) on more than one line. For example, I recently wanted to write

!math f(x) =
e^x, x \in \mathbb{R} \\
0, x = -\infty \\
+\infty, x = +\infty

However, to get Fletcher to parse it correctly, I instead needed to put it all on one line, as !math f(x) = \begin{cases} e^x, x \in \mathbb{R} \\ 0, x = -\infty \\ +\infty, x = +\infty \end{cases}, which is even less readable than LaTeX usually is.

#118 Snoozing multiple channels stops at first failure 4 years ago

Ticket created by ~danielh on ~nova/fletcher

When I run !snooze <servername>:* in a DM, when Fletcher has permission to do that for some but not all of the channels on the server, I get a “Snooze forbidden! I don't have the authority to do that.”, and it only processed this for some of the channels it has permission for.

I would expect it to either snooze none of them (treat it as an atomic operation, at least assuming permissions aren’t changed in the middle of processing), or snooze all of them it can (preferable, in my case); snoozing an arbitrary subset is not ideal. Possibly also include “Snoozed X out of Y channels” in the message or something?

#101 Channel name change during snooze 4 years ago

Ticket created by ~danielh on ~nova/fletcher

If somebody snoozes a channel from outside that channel, and then the name changes, the unsnooze won't work correctly.

It will not unless you are using the implicit snooze argument from snoozing in the channel, it currently does a lookup by channel name not ID.

I had been using this to try to approximate #71, but it seems like it doesn't actually work for !snooze server:channel topic.

#94 Better feedback for failed commands 4 years ago

Ticket created by ~danielh on ~nova/fletcher

A couple commands have bad or inconsistent error handling. This should probably be unified and simplified. I'm not sure what the exact design should be; probably something like the !latex errors, although those are more verbose than most error messages should be. Some specific examples of issues, probably not exhaustive but hopefully representative:

  • When I try to do an invalid !snooze (eg., !snooze channel from PM, instead of the required !snooze server:channel), there is no feedback whatsoever. Ideally something like that should print an error message and maybe the help text for snooze (which doesnt mention server:channel, but that's possibly a different issue). To go with other failed commands like !latex`, maybe it should react with :no_entry_sign: too.

  • A !help on a nonexistent command reacts with the checkmark and then does nothing. The checkmark usually indicates ack or success, but no help was successfully displayed.

  • When you try to !roll something completely unparseable, like !roll rick, there is no response whatsoever. Other sorts of failures have custom error messages.

#91 With math, make display style the default 4 years ago

Ticket created by ~danielh on ~nova/fletcher

Currently Fletcher defaults to rendering the contents of a !math command surrounded by dollar signs, for inline-style math. However, given that the math image is the only thing in the comment, display-style $$ probably works better as a default.

The one advantage I can think of for making this the default is that it allows me to use either style easily: !math expr renders expr in inline math stye, whereas !math $expr$ renders it in display math style. That wouldn't work if display style were the default because $$$ doesn't mean anything to TeX, but it's unintuitive enough as a shortcut that it probably isn't that helpful anyway.

(Ideally it would default to display style but have some way of easily switching to inline hardcoded, but that's higher-effort)

#90 Allow deleting a comment with :x: react 4 years ago

Ticket created by ~danielh on ~nova/fletcher

Sometimes I make a mistake in a fletcher command, such as using the wrong formula with !math. AFAICT, there's no way to get Fletcher to delete a comment like that.

The person who got Fletcher to make a comment should be able to get it deleted, just like they can delete their own comments. I suggest :x: because it's fairly intuitive and becaues it's used by Tupperbox, and having a standard helps.

#89 Implement !kick command 4 years ago

Comment by ~danielh on ~nova/fletcher

Wait, I found you saying this exists. Maybe the request should actually be "add this to the documentation", since !help kick gives no results.

#89 Implement !kick command 4 years ago

Ticket created by ~danielh on ~nova/fletcher

Discord's default behavior when banning is to also delete all of a user's comments, which makes backscroll hard to read and isn't usually the desired behavior. A bot-provided !kick command which didn't do this or which had a sensible default would probably help.

#83 blockquote feature 4 years ago

Comment by ~danielh on ~nova/fletcher

The code path I was looking at for !blockquoteing the current message is here, but I think that never actually happens because at this point rollup is never both a defined variable and falsey.