[feature request] jump to a specific channel

I like the way tiny manage this. It underline the first available letter in the channel name and create automatically a shortcut as alt+$letter. It's really specific, but any method is welcome. A fzf-like menu could be cool too.

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2 years ago
26 days ago

~yerinalexey 2 years ago

See /buffer command

~eoli3n 2 years ago

Thanks but that's not a "shortcut".

~consolatis 1 year, 8 months ago

For the first 9 buffers you can use A-[1-9]

~delthas 9 months ago

Just a thought: we could do e.g. alt+shift (hold these keys), then type any letters of the channel (filters the channel list realtime), then when only one is left, release alt+shift to jump to it

~delthas closed duplicate ticket ~taiite/senpai#83 5 months ago

~remmy 26 days ago

Having to hold two keys while typing the channel name sounds rather finicky to me.

I'm a big fan of the go.py plugin for WeeChat.  Hit alt-g and the input buffer is replaced with "Go to:" followed by a list of buffers labeled both with an index and the buffer name.  You can then either type the index or do a fuzzy search by name, and either have it automatically switch once there's a unique match, or you use tab to select one of the options and enter to go to the currently selected result.

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