#136 Update password promt is dismissed by auth errors 27 days ago

Ticket created by ~dxld on ~emersion/goguma

When the chat.sr.ht access token expires an "Authentication failed" error pops up with an "Update password" button, but this is (too) quickly dismissed by "Authentication required" and "Authentication needed to bind to bouncer network errors" forcing the user to hunt for the button.

Happy button hunting,

#276 Notes of builds submitted by git.sr.ht are escaped too much 3 years ago

Comment by ~dxld on ~sircmpwn/git.sr.ht

I just ran into this too, so +1.

#282 Build log mangles CR LF sequences 3 years ago

Ticket created by ~dxld on ~sircmpwn/builds.sr.ht

When a build uses CR LF as a line ending sequence, visually the newline is doubled up in the build log.

See for example: https://builds.sr.ht/~dxld/job/208225

Makes me wonder how more general terminal escape sequences are currently being dealt with?