vi mode

  • d^ functions like d0^

grammar that needs to be added:

  • actions that can take arbitrary runes as inputs (for f/t and di" or whatever)

modes that need to be added:

  • vi_hist
  • replace
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a month ago
30 days ago
bug madeline

~sebsite (edited) a month ago*

  • lowercase word-wise movement, W, and gE
  • j and k currently put you back in insert mode
  • f, F, t, and T
  • ; and , (for repeating f/F/t/T)
  • ~, gu, and gU
  • %
  • c and y
  • including cc, and yy
  • p and P
  • stuff like di(, ca", yit
  • r and R
  • .
  • n and N
  • # and *
  • m and '
  • J (joining lines)
  • registers, like "_ to not copy the thing, and "+ to copy/paste to/from the system clipboard (would you be able to make that work?)
  • u, and i guess C-r for redo? idk, neither of these are high priority or anything
  • not sure what the best behavior is for j and k for multiline things. one option is to have j and k always navigate history, and to use gj and gk for lines. but i feel like that's not good actually, so maybe don't do that
  • { and }
  • | (set column)
  • < and > (including << and >>), but actually this doesn't matter that much
  • maybe v to open an editor with the current line?? tbh if you added this i'd disable it for myself so do whatever you want
  • uhh probably other stuff too
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