syntax check config.php

when making a typo in config.php for example type "oRangeFix" instead of "oRangeSix" the vpn-maint-verify-config (which is essentially a php -l) doesn't give an error. Would be welcome if config typos can be detected.

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1 year, 10 days ago
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~fkooman 1 year, 7 days ago

I'd like to do two things:

  1. Make sure this particular issue is visible on the "Info" page
  2. Implement #76

That should take care of this.

~fkooman a year ago

the problem is that if you misspell oRangeSix it just interprets this as not having OpenVPN enabled for this profile. Perhaps it is better to check for unsupported configuration values and show them on the "Info" page.

~fkooman a year ago

Fran├žois Kooman referenced this ticket in commit 484a202.

~fkooman a year ago

Implemented now the above idea for ProfileConfig, so it is not done for everything (yet).

~fkooman a year ago

Fran├žois Kooman referenced this ticket in commit 9d8fdf7.

~fkooman a year ago*

There's a bunch of other config classes that we probably should implement this for:

  • ApiConfig.php
  • DbConfig.php
  • LdapAuthConfig.php
  • LogConfig.php
  • MellonAuthConfig.php
  • MemcacheSessionConfig.php
  • OidcAuthConfig.php
  • PhpSamlSpAuthConfig.php
  • RadiusAuthConfig.php
  • ShibAuthConfig.php
  • WireGuardConfig.php

~fkooman a month ago

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