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#12 Adding support for non-Medium domains? 17 hours ago

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Gotcha, thanks for the research. Anecdotally, this is not my experience on my version of Firefox, but that doesn't help you much, now does it? 😂

Other than Scribe supporting that redirect, I'm not sure what else the Scribe website can do. Scribe can only act when a user is on scribe.rip (or its other instances) and not before. This has to be handled by the browser or an extension to the browser, and I'm not interested in writing an extension at this time.

One thing you could do is block medium.com entirely. All Scribe needs to render an article is the post ID a the end of the URL. In your post example it would be fb0b36601557. Visiting https://scribe.rip/fb0b36601557 works. When you get to a website like bekk, you could grab the post id and be on your way.

#12 Adding support for non-Medium domains? a day ago

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Hello 👋

A while back I added support for medium's redirectUrl query param. When scribe sees redirectUrl in the query params, it will look for the post id there instead of in the URLs path. Many (all?) custom domains first get routed through a URL that looks like this:

https://medium.com/m/global-identity?redirectUrl=<original, escaped blog post url>

If you're using the redirector extension mentioned in the FAQ, it will see this medium.com URL and automatically redirect to Scribe, properly rendering the page. When I clicked on your link above, this is what happened for me in my browser.

Is this something you've tried at all? If so, do you feel like it solves the problem?

#10 BuyMeACoffee link not working 3 days ago

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It looks like they've changed their page to include a normal text link which seems to work fine. Apologies for not getting to this sooner 😞 I'm going to close this for now since I can't replicate it, but please re-open or add another issue if you see another example 🙂


#11 Some paywalled articles require a login cookie 3 days ago

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Articles like ones by this publisher require the user to be logged in to read. This translates to the API in the form of require a Cookie header that includes the sid and uid of a logged in user. The header looks like:

Cookie: sid=...; uid=...;

The values can be retrieved by logging into Medium and looking at cookies in the web inspector.

While this does work, it adds back the 3 article limit for premium articles. Articles fetched after that are truncated. One way to get around this might be to use a premium user's cookie, but I'm not about to ask or encourage anyone to give money to Medium.

#10 BuyMeACoffee link not working 10 days ago

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Interesting. I'll take a look, thanks!

#9 RSS feed support (feature request) 19 days ago

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Thanks for the suggestion! I will likely not do this, but I also think it's important I explain why.

I believe Medium is a bad actor on the web, for reasons listed here: https://todo.sr.ht/~edwardloveall/Scribe/7 Since Scribe uses Medium content, I don't want to help people engage with it more than they must. My goal here is not to make a nicer Medium to engage with, but to make a less bad experience when people are forced to engage with it.

Having RSS feeds for an author further legitimizes that content, which encourages people to write on Medium, which is counter to my goals.


#8 Proxy images 23 days ago

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Thanks. I will probably get around to this eventually, but I've got a lot of other priorities outside of scribe right now. Thanks for the suggestion!

#7 Emulate the author page as well a month ago

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Hi Binyamin! Thanks for the suggestion and interest in the project.

I am not interested in an author page at this time. I don't think I've really talked about this anywhere, but part of my goal with Scribe is to have as little engagement as possible with Medium content. It's my strong belief that Medium is bad for the web and for its writers (even those that make a living off it) in the long run for a number of reasons:

For all those reasons and other personal ones around privacy, I offer scribe as a stop-gap for readers to view a Medium article in a read-only capacity, without comments or highlights. Just visit, read the post, and leave. Ideally your usage of this site is zero because everything worth reading is somewhere else.

To this end, I believe adding author pages lends legitimacy to the platform which is exactly the opposite of what I hope for. It would also likely increase the time people spend here. I don't want anyone to discover content here, just consume it.

I'm sorry for the cranky rant. I did want to make it clear however that this is why I am not interested in an author page at this time.


#6 Wrap long code links a month ago

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#5 Temporary redirects don't work a month ago

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Fixed in bb94fb4